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To use our e-Office service, you must be a member of ShippingSpace.Net. Please take following steps:

Step 1: Account registration

-    Access www.ShippingSpace.net and register an account for your company (as a Shipper or a Forwarder)
-    After registration, you will receive an email from web master that guides you how to activate your account.
-    Make activate your account.

Step 2 :  Make connection to our system.

-    After active your account, you can login to shippingspace.net.
-    Browse to page “ Yellow Pages” or  “ Members List”
-    Search to find us, Weixin Cargo Service Co. Ltd, then click “Add as partner”
-    We will receive your request and  make approve for connection.



Step 3: Using our e-Office

After connect, you will be our partner and can access our e-Office services. You can find our e-Services at

http://www.ShippingSpace.Net/weixin or;

Explore it & enjoy!

Any question or assistance if need, please contact us. We are always at your service.

Weixin Logistics Service Co., Ltd